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Midweek Minis #19

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Condoning & Boning

Story one this week takes us on a devilish horse race in North Carolina. Story two is the tale of a group of Florida and Kentucky emo kids gone wrong.   Here's what we're drinking...

Midweek Minis #18

We answer some deeply personal and revealing questions! Submit yours now!

Fermenting Hindgut

Story one this week details some athletic cryptids across the Southeast. Story two teaches us some interesting cow facts. Here's what we're drinking this week: Wise Blood IPA - 9/1...

Midweek Minis #17

We're rolling in the listener questions!

This week, we’re hearing the story of a mysterious death that took place on an Alabama military base. Then we scamper on over to discuss the Texas Killing Fields. Here’s what w...

Midweek Minis #16

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Come Check Out My Orb

Story 1 this week is the early-20th century disappearance of a young boy in Louisiana. Story 2 is a strange discovery of a metal ball in Florida. Here’s what we’re drinking thi...

Midweek Minis #15

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Mildly Racist Salt

It’s the first anniversary of the show! To celebrate, we’re covering the most-requested story so far, the Mothman! Here’s what we’re drinking this week: Fountain Drink – ...