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Midweek Minis #36

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Kyle from the Trailer Trashy Podcast is back to tell us about a cult that runs a chain of incredible sandwich shops!   Did we get anything wrong? Want to tell us about a personal ...

This week, we're talking about a famous murder that took place right next to the campus and the resulting haunting that immediately followed! Did we get anything wrong? Want to tel...

Midweek Minis #35

We got so many more questions and personal stories recently! Keep sending them in! And don't forget to join us on Twitch!   Our Twitch channel:

Color Theory

This week, we're giving you a little preview of what to expect from our Patreon episodes! We're taking a brief look at a very interesting topic: Color Theory!


Here's wha...

This week, we're taking on a famous murder spree that was allegedly perpetrated by a University of Arkansas student in the mid-20th century!

Midweek Minis #34

This week, Kyle from the Trailer Trashy Podcast drops in to tell a personal story ask us your questions! Submit some more to our social media or email!

The Tornado Map

This week, we're learning about a house in Alabama that is haunted by all the victims of an 1800s Black Widow. Then we hear the famous story of Casey Jones.   Here's what we're dr...

Welcome back to Tailgate Tales! This week, we're discussing the fact that Georgia has a cemetery like...right by its football stadium...weird AF...   Here's what we're drinking th...

Midweek Minis #33

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