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Midweek Minis #7

Another round of your questions getting answered by us!

Spectral Thunder Shirts

Story one centers on a multi-haunted wooded area in Virginia. Story two is the heroic South Carolina tale of Robert Smalls. Here’s what we’re drinking this week: POG Basement I...

Midweek Minis #6

It’s week 6, and we’re practically drowning in questions! Keep em comin!

They Have a Camry

Story one this week is the tale of a stalkerish Georgia haunting. Story two is a hilarious story of a Florida heist gone wrong. Here’s what we’re drinking this week: Unobtanium...

Midweek Minis #5

Join us for some more questions!

Lady Fingers

This week, story one takes us to Tennessee for an uncomfortable mausoleum haunting. Story two makes us queasy as we discuss a New Orleans dismemberment. Here’s what we’re drink...

Midweek Minis #4

Bring on the questions! Ask us anything, y’all!

Balls or No Balls

This week’s stories bring us the tale of a sibling disappearance that took place across many Southern states as well as a fun kinky palace that belonged to a New Orleans sultan. ...