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We're talking about a Missouri football team that "went missing" for a brief period in the late 19th century!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Midweek Minis #44

The question bag is empty! Send us in some silly stuff to talk about!

Too Much Camel Money

This week, we're telling the little-known tale of the United States Camel Corps, then investigating the murder of a North Carolina woman in the late 19th century.   Here's what we...

We're discussing a cheery haunted house on the campus of Vanderbilt University!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Midweek Minis #43

We're fumbling through our question bag, trying desperately to make the last few questions we have last!

Floating Fire Inferno

This week, we're getting spooked by a North Carolina demon dog and a horrific river boat accident.   Here's what we're drinking this week: Nada Banana Ale - 7/10 Bird Dog Jalapeno...

This week, we're discussing the long, storied, and sometimes tragic history of the Texas A&M Student Bonfire!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Midweek Minis #42

We answer some Halloween-centric questions this week! Send yours in now!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Quantify My Spoops

This week, we're discussing two harrowing stories that probably aren't real. The first is a Virginia bunny man that likes to scare motorists. The second is the ghost of a former sl...

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