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Midweek Minis #47

Send us in some more questions and personal stories!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Synonyms for the D-Word

This week, we're tackling Texan a killer nurse and her ghost, then discussing a secret Tennessee town.   Here's what we're drinking this week: Thunder Gun Kolsch Ale - 9/10 Cookie...

We're finishing off this year's Tailgate Tales with a two-story special for Iron Bowl Week! Auburn and Alabama each bring us a creepy story to talk about!   A Trash Adjacent Produ...

Midweek Minis #46

Happy Thanksgiving!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Portly & Rakish

This week, we're discussing a legendary riverboat captain from Alabama and the curse of the Ryman Auditorium and Grand Ole Opry in Nashville!   Here's what we're drinking this wee...

Midweek Minis #45

We're back with some fresh personal stories and questions!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Nightmare Rodeo

This week, we take on the tale of a haunted Florida hospital, then discuss a truly horrifying Texas ranch. Can we stomach it?   Here's what we're drinking this week: Ghost Rider -...

We're talking about a Missouri football team that "went missing" for a brief period in the late 19th century!   A Trash Adjacent Production.

Midweek Minis #44

The question bag is empty! Send us in some silly stuff to talk about!

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