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Midweek Minis #26

Send in your questions and personal stories!   A Trash Adjacent Production


This week, we head over to Louisiana to hear the story of a pseudo-Bonnie & Clyde for story one. Then in story two, we hear about a strange Texas creature that stole farmers' c...

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Midweek Minis #25

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This week, we're hearing about a criminal, paranormal tree in Alabama. Then North Carolina brings us a gruesome murder mystery.   Here's what we're drinking this week: Lovebug - 1...

Midweek Minis #24

Keep sending in questions and stories, y'all!

That's a Lot of Tail

This week, we talk about a big ol' river turtle in West Virginia, then we saunter on over to Kentucky to learn about some old ladies' alien abductions.   Here's what we're drinkin...

Midweek Minis #23

We got more questions and fun listener stories!             A Trash Adjacent© Production

How I Feel About Flags

This week we talk about the symbolism of flags while discussing Blackbeard's ghost in North Carolina and some creepy pasta from Virginia.   Here's what we're drinking this week: P...

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